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Ready to excavate beliefs and experiences that create your current reality? Each Wednesday on Inner Archeology, Sarah Turner & Emily Pennystone use personal experiences and stories as a mirror for better understanding, epiphany, healing, and humor. You can expect raw, relevant, and vulnerable conversations as these two friends push back on judgement, guilt, and shame – all for the purpose of being lighter and freer with each passing year.

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Episode 27: Mentors Who Impact Our Beliefs Pt.1

Mentorship can have a powerful impact on young people in a variety of personal, academic, and professional situations, which is why we have decided to dedicate this conversation to the incredible influence that some of our mentors have had on us! Mentors provide guidance, advice, feedback, and support, serving variously

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Episode 24: Beliefs Are Helpful But Not True

We are the way we are because of what we’ve experienced. We choose our beliefs, consciously or subconsciously, to make sense of the world and to create an identity. Once you understand that, you will have so much more control over what you choose to believe. Today, we start with

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Episode 22: Conscious Parenting

Today, we welcome our very first guest on Inner Archaeology! Emily’s sister, Kayla, joins us to talk about conscious parenting. We delve into what conscious parenting is all about and how parenting is evolving generationally to champion honesty and empathy over self-sacrifice and authority. We discuss the conundrum of choosing

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Episode 21: Mindset Gaslighting

While mindset plays a big part in success, it is not the only determining factor. Overemphasizing the role of mindset in the achievement of goals negates the other barriers that many people face in their daily lives.  This is why it is infuriating to be told that your mindset caused

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