Episode 27: Mentors Who Impact Our Beliefs Pt.1

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Mentorship can have a powerful impact on young people in a variety of personal, academic, and professional situations, which is why we have decided to dedicate this conversation to the incredible influence that some of our mentors have had on us!

Mentors provide guidance, advice, feedback, and support, serving variously as role models, teachers, counselors, advisors, sponsors, advocates, and allies.

In today’s episode, we reflect on the people that have had a profoundly positive impact on our philosophies and approaches to things like hard work, giving back, and building relationships.

Tuning in, you’ll discover why Emily believes that the best teachers see past behaviors and recognize our strengths and how Sarah developed a deep sense of shared humanity and care through charity work.

We also touch on the benefits of physical labor and community, plus so much more, so make sure not to miss this first installment in our two-part discussion about the mentors who impacted our beliefs!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Two people who had a profound impact on Sarah’s beliefs as she grew up.
  • What it meant to her that her fifth-grade teacher, Miss Ross, treated her with respect.
  • The sense of control and personal choice that she felt Miss Ross afforded her.
  • Why Emily believes that the best teachers see past behaviors and recognize strengths.
  • How Miss Ross impacted Sarah’s beliefs about herself and the world around her.
  • Emily shares the story of how she encouraged and supported a fifth grader that she taught.
  • One of the people that influenced how Emily approaches hard work.
  • Why her relationship with this woman, while positive, was somewhat complicated.
  • Some of the benefits of working with your hands, physical labor, and movement in general.
  • What Bill the youth pastor taught Sarah about giving back to the world.
  • Some of the other valuable lessons that Sarah learned through her youth group.
  • The deep sense of shared humanity and care that she developed through charity work.
  • How profoundly impactful Pastor Bill’s focus on developing relationships has been for Sarah.
  • Although our youth group experiences were very different, we both acknowledge the positive impact a community like that can have on kids.
  • Stay tuned for part two of this conversation, where we examine some of the not-so-positive beliefs that were instilled in us!

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