Episode 24: Beliefs Are Helpful But Not True

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We are the way we are because of what we’ve experienced. We choose our beliefs, consciously or subconsciously, to make sense of the world and to create an identity. Once you understand that, you will have so much more control over what you choose to believe.

Today, we start with a quote by CD Baby founder, author, and entrepreneur Derek Sivers that stood out to Sarah at a recent Genius Network event, which forms the topic for today’s conversation: beliefs are helpful but not true.

For some, the idea that there is no universal truth can be a scary one but, tuning in, you’ll discover that there is value in finding the excitement and endless possibility in uncertainty!

We touch on the validity of staying informed at all costs and unpack an Instagram post by emotional alchemist, Xavier Dagba, which delves into the practice of vibrational precision and peace consciousness rather than war consciousness.

We also share our perspectives on embracing the unknown, affecting change with authenticity, and the incredible power of joy, plus so much more! We hope you’ll join us for this impactful conversation.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • We kick off with name changes, The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk, nudity, and more!
  • The inspiration for today’s topic: a quote from Derek Sivers’ Genius Network keynote speech.
  • Why the idea that truth is subjective could spark fear in some people.
  • The value of finding excitement and possibility in uncertainty.
  • How caring for yourself impacts your ability to make the world a better place.
  • Why we recommend questioning your motivations for ‘staying informed at all costs’.
  • The benefits of protecting your energy and limiting ‘noise’ so you can hear your intuition.
  • A reminder to remain anchored and practice what Xavier Dagba calls ‘vibrational precision’.
  • Questions to ask yourself to help you align with your internal guidance system.
  • How you can care and choose not to despair; suffering is not virtuous!
  • The value of reconnecting with your community where you can have the most impact.
  • How our obsession with correctness is limiting us and the freedom in saying ‘I don’t know’.
  • What we can learn from Judaism about embracing the unknown.
  • Peace consciousness and relating to people with differing belief systems on a human level.
  • The important role you play when you communicate and show up in your community.
  • How Queer Eye is a good model for affecting change in the most authentic way possible.
  • Why the way you show up in the small moments matters just as much as the big ones.
  • A reminder that your joy is powerful and peace consciousness is contagious.
  • The power in acknowledging the thorns and the rosebuds as part of the human experience.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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Derek Sivers

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Xavier Dagba Instagram Post

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