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Ready to excavate beliefs and experiences that create your current reality? Each Wednesday on Inner Archeology, Sarah Turner & Emily Pennystone use personal experiences and stories as a mirror for better understanding, epiphany, healing, and humor. You can expect raw, relevant, and vulnerable conversations as these two friends push back on judgement, guilt, and shame – all for the purpose of being lighter and freer with each passing year.

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Episode 20: Dealing with Criticism

None of us are strangers to criticism. We have all experienced different forms and reactions to criticisms, and have probably dished out a fair share of it ourselves. But we believe that examining the idea of criticism, where these things come from, and how to learn better patterns of behavior

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Episode 19: What to Do When You’re Triggered

When you are triggered, it can feel like your life is at risk, but if we can develop skills to cope in these situations, they can become opportunities to heal from our deepest wounds.  Today on the show we unpack the spectrum of typical responses to triggering situations and share

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Episode 17: Being Comfortable in Paradox

As humans, we like to see things in black and white but in fact, life is so nuanced, complex, and dynamic, and there is hardly anything that’s entirely good or entirely bad.  Rather than thinking of things as “either, or” we should be thinking about them as “both, and.”  The

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Episode 16: The Mystic & The Scientist

The tension that seems to exist between the rational and the intuitive does not necessarily have to be a conflict. If we can bring these two spheres into harmony and balance, we can draw forth a stronger and more complete understanding and approach to our lives! In this episode of

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Episode 12: First Jobs & Choosing Entrepreneurship

Not only does entrepreneurship give you control over your space and time, but it also encourages you to grow as a person, which then creates positive effects throughout your life more broadly.  Today on the show we sit down to talk about our entrepreneurial endeavors, the moments in our lives

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