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Ready to excavate beliefs and experiences that create your current reality? Each Wednesday on Inner Archeology, Sarah Turner & Emily Pennystone use personal experiences and stories as a mirror for better understanding, epiphany, healing, and humor. You can expect raw, relevant, and vulnerable conversations as these two friends push back on judgement, guilt, and shame – all for the purpose of being lighter and freer with each passing year.

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Episode 3: Adult Friendships are Weird

There’s this idea that the five people you are surrounded by, or closest to, will have the biggest effect on you. But what if you’ve grown apart from a friend that you used to love?  If you are forcing yourself to stay in that closeness when it isn’t honoring you,

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Episode 1: The Only Thing That’s Certain Is Change

We’ve all heard the saying “life is short,” but if you’re truly living in the present moment, that couldn’t be further from the truth (in a good way!). Being present is our natural state, but because of the way our lives are structured, and the pervasiveness of social media, it’s

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