Episode 22: Conscious Parenting

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Today, we welcome our very first guest on Inner Archaeology! Emily’s sister, Kayla, joins us to talk about conscious parenting. We delve into what conscious parenting is all about and how parenting is evolving generationally to champion honesty and empathy over self-sacrifice and authority. We discuss the conundrum of choosing to parent differently without it being a direct criticism of how your parents went about it and how to assemble your own parenting values!

Kayla fills us in on how her zoology background gave her some great insights into how to parent with positive reinforcement, and what fun can be had if you choose to imbue your children’s rhythms with magic. We also hear about the hilarious new meaning of self-care when you’re a mother of toddlers and the things we all take for granted before having kids.

Parenting provides the most profound opportunity to heal, and in this episode, we examine the ways we respond to triggers and manage difficult situations when we’re past the threshold of exhaustion. For all of this and so much more on the ever-learning process of parenting, the value of admitting your mistakes, and gently asserting your needs, tune in with us today! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Emily’s sister Kayla, our very first guest on the show!
  • How Kayla stuck to her guns and pursued zoology as a career.
  • Emily defines conscious parenting.
  • How the four potential responses to bids for attention relate to conscious parenting.
  • Kayla’s experience of parenting and her approach to learning and growing on the job.
  • The growth and healing that comes with parenting that you wouldn’t experience otherwise.
  • How losing their mother affected Emily and Kayla as mothers.
  • How to assemble your parenting values if you don’t want to replicate your parents’ model.
  • The crazy societal pressures placed on mothers and what judgy mom culture stems from.
  • How self-sacrifice was glorified in the past and how parenting is evolving generationally.
  • Why Emily wants her daughters to witness her doing things that bring her joy.
  • The things we take for granted before having kids!
  • How conscious parenting involves knowing and claiming what you need.
  • Emily recaps a personal story about healing through parenting.
  • How Kayla works through triggers with her kids and why she feels they should feel empowered to have their own choices.
  • How the belief system that her children’s souls chose Emily to be their mom helped her trust the journey.
  • The shift from authoritative parenting to empathetic, conscious parenting.
  • How Kayla’s zoology background has influenced her parenting, and how parenting has made her a better zoologist.
  • How easily trust can be broken with children and animals alike.
  • Emily likens transferring adult emotions onto kids to anthropomorphism.
  • How Emily and Kayla approach parenting when they’re exhausted.
  • How to switch a no to a yes with positive reinforcement.
  • Kayla’s magical nighttime routine with her boys.

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