Episode 25: Sarah Got Married! Sharing on Joy and Healing

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Experiencing brokenness and rupture in a relationship is possible, but so too is healing and becoming a more fully realized version of yourself. 

In today’s episode, we celebrate Sarah’s recent marriage to Ben and take part in a moment of gratitude for the experience of healing and joy that it was. 

Sarah speaks about how her and Ben’s wedding was a symbol for the many realizations that she has had about relationships since they got together. She has realized that everybody is deserving of a healing relationship and second wedding even after a divorce. 

She speaks about how she got over the anger she felt toward the institution of marriage by realizing that marriage is about intentionality, how Ben has taught her to be mindful of the stories we tell ourselves, and the newfound love she has for the power of ceremony. 

Emily shares her gratitude that Sarah has had these experiences, talks about what it has been like to be a witness to it all, and shares her experiences of officiating the ceremony. We also get into a bunch of heartfelt memories from the wedding itself, including the song Sarah had written for her and Ben’s first dance! Tune in for all this and more today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A reminder to support our Patreon.
  • The challenges of COVID and why Sarah got married in Mexico.
  • Having a smaller wedding over an extended period of time and the connections that were made.
  • How the wedding was a reflection of Sarah and Ben’s relationship.
  • Why the wedding was a healing experience for Sarah.
  • The amazing whale watching experiences that our hosts had.
  • A hilarious story about Emily’s kid thinking she would get drunk off of hot tub water.
  • The Jewish perception of weddings as a source of peace and healing.
  • How Sarah got over the feeling that she didn’t deserve a beautiful wedding.
  • Why Sarah feels that her relationship with Ben is different from her previous ones.
  • Mirroring one’s self-love in a relationship with their partner.
  • How good Ben is at asking Sarah where the stories she tells herself come from.
  • Experiences of the ceremony which Emily was the officiant of.
  • A moment where Sarah and Ben discussed who would say their vows first.
  • The song that Sarah had written for her and Ben’s first dance.
  • Getting over the shame and guilt you feel about divorce and a second marriage.
  • Seeing the value in ceremony and Sarah’s experiences learning about Jewish tradition.
  • Anger that Sarah had at the institution of marriage and how she got over it.
  • Seeing pain as a catalyst for change and having compassion for past versions of yourself.

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