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Ready to excavate beliefs and experiences that create your current reality? Each Wednesday on Inner Archeology, Sarah Turner & Emily Pennystone use personal experiences and stories as a mirror for better understanding, epiphany, healing, and humor. You can expect raw, relevant, and vulnerable conversations as these two friends push back on judgement, guilt, and shame – all for the purpose of being lighter and freer with each passing year.

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Episode 10: The Weird Way We Talk and Why

While we have set the context for what we say and, more specifically, the way we say it in our Master Your Mindset course, listeners might be wondering, “Why do Emily and Sarah talk about themselves as a collection of parts rather than singular entities?”  Well, that’s exactly what we

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Episode 6: Does Everything Always Have to Be So Hard?

Today’s society has built a narrative around suffering and success: that suffering is noble, and that without it we do not deserve success.  Now throw social media into the mix, and we have a scenario where suffering is compared between people, and some stories are being minimized.  Tune in to

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Episode 5: The Surprising Way Sarah & Emily Met

Before we had even met in person for the first time, we knew we wanted to be in each other’s lives. We first met at the Battery Park Book Exchange in Asheville, North Carolina, where we skipped the small talk and got straight to the heart of our deepest struggles,

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