Elevating Your Freelance Career: Is a Copywriting Certification Important?

A copywriting certification program can set you up for success as a freelance copywriter. Here’s how to choose the right one.

“Do I need a copywriting certification?” This is a common question among freelance copywriters.

Perhaps you’re just beginning your journey and wondering if a certification is necessary to kick-start your career. Or maybe you’re an established copywriter looking for ways to set yourself apart.

Either way, a reputable copywriting certification program enhances your credibility. And you can leverage your credible certification to reach the next level in your business. But it’s crucial to choose a comprehensive program that teaches you proven skills.

So, how do you find a reputable certification? That’s what this article teaches you.

I. What is a Copywriting Certification Program?
II. Benefits of a Copywriting Certification Program
III. How to Choose a Copywriting Certification Program
IV. How to Become Write Your Way to Freedom Certified

With over 10 years of experience, my copy and strategy are responsible for over $37 million in sales in the service sector. My copywriting education program and certification has taught thousands of students how to create lucrative careers as freelance copywriters.

I’ve always advocated for the value of skills over accolades. Demonstrating your abilities is far more impactful than only holding a degree or certification. So, it’s crucial to select a program that equips you with effective skills to deliver tangible results for your clients.

Once you’ve acquired these skills, showcasing your certification is the cherry on top!

Are you looking for a top-tier copywriting certification?

The Write Your Way to Freedom Certification is respectfully acknowledged in the copywriting industry. It was recently recognized by Inc. 5000 as #24 in education – and I’m also proudly a Facebook (Meta) Consultant. 

After completing the Write Your Way to Freedom course, you can apply for certification. Once accepted you’ll receive a badge for your website and be added to our exclusive list of vetted writers that we recommend to clients. If you’re looking for a copywriting course and certification to elevate your reputation, you can start with my free copywriting masterclass:

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What Is a Copywriting Certification Program?

A copywriting certification is an accolade you earn from completing a recognized copywriting program. It demonstrates your copywriting expertise and dedication to developing your copywriting skills.

But a copywriting certification program is different from a copywriting degree. It’s a more cost and time-efficient alternative than going back to school for copywriting.

  • Copywriting Degree. Copywriters who want to work at an advertising agency often need to acquire a professional copywriting degree from an advertising school. This path typically involves a 2+ year program with a significant financial investment.

  • Copywriting Certification. This is a practical and accessible option compared to a traditional degree. These certifications are available through high-quality copywriting programs, often online, allowing you to start earning in as little as three months.

Gone are the days when a degree was the only pathway to switch careers or become a professional copywriter. A copywriting certification program offers a streamlined path to acquiring essential skills in a fraction of the time and cost.

Many of my students have worked with advertising agencies on a freelance basis – and even more have confidently built their own client bases.

As a freelance copywriter, you have the freedom to choose your clients, manage your workload, and determine your income.

Like I said, showcasing your writing skills through samples and client results is just as important as showing off a certification. But as freelance copywriting becomes more popular and clients have more options – a copywriting certification adds a layer of professional credibility.

A copywriting certification from a reputable program shows clients that you have a foundational level of quality and skill. It reinforces your ability to deliver professional copywriting that delivers results, which leads to higher earning potential and opportunities.

Let’s talk about all the different benefits of pursuing a copywriting certification.

Benefits of a Copywriting Certification Program

As a copywriter and copywriting mentor, I’ve always taught my students to continually invest time and resources towards their writing skills.

Strong writing skills that emit empathy and storytelling are more important than ever in the landscape of AI copywriting tools like ChatGPT. Mastering copywriting strategy so you can consistently deliver results for clients is what sets you apart.

So, whether you’re just embarking on your copywriting journey or want to elevate your existing skills – enrolling in a copywriting education program can be a wise investment in your future.

Here are five major benefits of pursuing a copywriting certification program:

1. Enhance Your Credibility.

A copywriting certification is a clear sign of your dedication and ongoing commitment to mastering your craft. It enhances your credibility by showcasing how you’re not only skilled – but also up-to-date with industry standards. This can be a game-changer in attracting clients ready to pay premium rates.

2. Build Your Network.

Some copywriting certification courses offer a community aspect that allows you to connect with fellow writers. This opens doors to mentorship, idea sharing, and even new projects. Many students within Write Your Way to Freedom find referral partners and even long-term friends inside our community.

3. Increase Your Earning Potential.

Being certified often means that you’ve enhanced your skills, results, and professionalism. Clients take note of that. So, developing these traits often translates into the ability to charge higher rates.

4. Expanded Job Opportunities.

A certification can open doors to more lucrative and diverse writing assignments. When you become Write Your Way to Freedom Certified, you’re added to a list of vetted copywriters where potential clients can actively search for you!

5. Continually Develop Your Skills.

Some certification programs offer ongoing training and workshops. This continuous learning keeps your skills sharp and relevant, which helps you adapt to changes in the market demands and diverse client needs.

The marketing and copywriting industry is continually evolving, especially in the face of AI. It feels like every day there’s a new update to keep up with, right?

That’s exactly why picking a certification program that keeps you up-to-date with the latest industry changes is crucial. You want to stay sharp, relevant, and ahead of the curve. This allows you to grow your business, land dream clients, and create a life you love. 

Now, this leads us straight to our next big question: what exactly should you be looking for in a copywriting certification course?

How to Choose a Copywriting Certification Program

There are many copywriting programs, but not all of them come with a reputable certification.

Every program is unique, so choosing the one that’s right for you means finding a program with the types of resources that compliment your learning style.. But you also want to choose a reputable program that holds weight in the industry.

A program like this genuinely uplifts your skills, connects you with the right people, and aligns with your copywriting career aspirations. So, let’s navigate this together.

Here’s what to consider to when looking for a copywriting certification program:

1. Accreditation and Industry Recognition: 

Accreditation from a renowned program carries significant weight in the copywriting world. Look into the programs you’re considering to see if they’ve been featured in any organizations or reputable publications.

2. Curriculum Relevance and Depth: 

Look into the curriculum. Does it cover the copywriting basics as well as the specific areas you’re interested in? High-quality programs blend essential knowledge with niche techniques and the relevant trends.

3. Mentorship Opportunities: 

Seek out programs led by seasoned copywriters who’ve had success writing for their own clients. Getting mentorship and direct feedback from people who have been where you want to go is a game-changer for your development.

4. Reviews and Success Stories: 

Research what past students have to say about the copywriting certification program. Testimonials and success stories can shed light on how the program might propel your own freelance copywriting journey.

5. Flexibility and Format: 

If you’re juggling multiple freelancing gigs or just starting a copywriting side hustle – a program’s flexibility can be crucial. Check if they offer part-time, online, or at-your-own-pace learning that fits with your busy schedule.

6. Cost vs. Value: 

While cost is a factor, weigh it against the potential return on investment. A more extensive program that offers a combination of curriculum, coaching, networking opportunities, and ongoing education offers greater value in the long run.

Choosing a copywriting certification program is like planting a tree in your garden.

At first, you might think about the cost and work it takes to plant it. But as time goes on, that tree grows bigger and more beautiful, adding value and life to your garden.

In the same way, a comprehensive copywriting program might seem like a heafty investment at the start. But over time, it blossoms into a robust network, a wealth of knowledge, and a suite of skills – ultimately enhancing your career and bringing returns that outweigh the initial cost.

Student Stories: Impact of a Copywriting Certification Program

I’ve always believed that success stories are inspiring because they expand your belief of what’s possible for you.

Within the Write Your Way to Freedom community, there’s a growing number of certified copywriters who’ve used their certifications to create remarkable changes in their careers. Let’s take a look at some of their stories and how becoming a certified copywriter reshaped their professional journeys.

Cassidy Horton: 6-Figures and 6 Weeks of Vacation

When Cassidy first started, her initial goal was to replace her $32k per year salary. She soared past that goal – now earning over six figures annually while collaborating with brands she’s passionate about. Today, Cassidy stands out as a top personal finance copywriter, working with industry leaders like Paypal.

What’s even more impressive is how Casssidy has used copywriting to create the freedom and financial means to travel. This year alone, she took six weeks of vacation.

Despite her remarkable success, Cassidy finds the greatest value in the Write Your Way to Freedom community. “I’ve met some of my closest in-real-life friends in this group. They’ve played a critical role in helping me dismantle my scarcity mindset, think outside the box, charge my worth, go after bigger clients, and just be a better business owner. Everyone’s business is so different, and the WYW2F community has expanded my view of what’s possible.”

I couldn’t be more proud of these students’ stories. 

It’s always been my mission to build a community of highly skilled and impactful copywriters that do collective good in the world. Witnessing how past students from Write Your Way to Freedom have elevated its reputation fills me with immense pride.

All of these students got started by becoming Write Your Way to Freedom Certified. Here’s what that entails.

How to Become Write Your Way to Freedom Certified

At its core, Write Your Way to Freedom is a comprehensive and nurturing copywriting education program. Now, it’s taken a step further – upon course completion, you have the opportunity to apply for official certification!

The Write Your Way to Freedom program is a blend of:

  • Comprehensive Resources: Over 40 hours of in-depth core training, modules, and workbooks.

  • Community: An encouraging environment where you can forge networks with peers. These relationships not only keep you motivated and inspired but oftentimes lead to business collaborations.

  • Live and Ongoing Support: Each week, we host three live sessions and frequently updated course materials to stay aligned with the industry’s dynamic nature.

As a Write Your Way to Freedom student, you can apply to become certified after completing the course. When accepted you’ll receive a badge to display on your profile and be added to our list of qualified writers that are referred to clients.

I’m proud that the Write Your Way to Freedom Copywriting Certification is a mark of distinction in the industry. So much so, that we were recently named #24 in education on the Inc. 5000 list! 

Ready to have a top-tier copywriting certification? Your first step is to watch my free copywriting masterclass.

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