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Every copywriter on this list has successfully created a conscious copywriting business that gets their clients results and completed our certification program.

They’ve gone through over 200 hours of training, dozens of hours of coaching, and receive direct feedback on their copy from expert copyeditors all to ensure they’re providing the absolute best results for their clients.

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Alchemy Alumni

The Alchemy Alumni participated in our year-long, high-level mastermind where students receive individualized coaching to strengthen their copywriting skills and businesses.

Elon Jones

Outdoor Education and Home Services

Cassidy Horton


Krista Frahm

Health and Wellness Professionals

Kelcie Ottoes

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Brands

Katie Boyce

Copywriting and Brand Messaging for Designers & Creatives

Jessica Moon


Allegra Cook

Creative Entrepreneurs

Sarah Check

Industry Leaders

Chelsea Dewlen

Beauty, Wellness, Health, Tech, Marketing

Certified Copywriters

Selena Pistoresi

Non-diet dietitians and intuitive eating professionals

Holley Gruenwald

Health, wellness, beauty and fitness professionals.

Gabriella LaRussa

Fitness & Mental Health Businesses

Sarah Draper

Culinary copywriting

Shealynn August

Health and Wellness

Lisa Fernandez

Children’s + Parenting Niche

Stacey Sare Cohen

Interior designers, makers and home brands

Ashley Darnall

Mental Health Professionals

Alyssa Triana

Life Coaches & Course Creator’s

Emily Dilworth

Wedding industry

Logan Cox

Firearms & Holsters

Reagan Martignetti

Forensic Science & Medicine

Chelsea Dewlen

Beauty, Wellness, Health, Tech, Marketing

Maria Navarro

Hospitality and Tourism Businesses

Crystal Bray

Healthcare and Senior Living

Concetta Cassidy

Vacation Rental Industry

Simone Ammons

Technical/ Biopharm/ Biotech/ Engineering/ Manufacturing/ Equipment Suppliers

Eilis Olson

I serve health and wellness professionals, including health coaches, wellness brands, life coaches, and therapists.

Elizabeth Larrivee

Medical Copywriting

Stacey Mosen

Businesses/Coaches decolonizing health, wellness & parenting.

Megan Coulter

Size inclusive/ Feminist online service providers

Erin Ward

Food and Wellness Brands

Amy Griffin

Women’s Health/FemTech

Kate Buckley

Nurse Coaches, Health Coaches, Wellness Coaches

Julia Purich

Women Centered Health & Wellness

Cami Altfillidch

Fitness and Wellness

Rahni Simpson-Combs

Food and Beverage

Keira LaFontaine

Health and Personal Development

Carri Helman

Personal Development

Maggie Schlegel

Outdoors, Agriculture, and Animals

Elizabeth Gordon

Health, Wellness, and Spiritual Businesses & Practitioners

India Turner

Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

Jillian Cadotte

Online community builders and course creators in the health and wellness industry

Megan Aldridge

Healthcare and Health Benefits (like health insurance companies)

Christina Montoya

Women’s Health and Wellness

Jordan Horwat

Sustainability / Mission-Driven Brands

Briggiette Vasquez

Parenting Copywriter: Copywriting for Educational Toys, Family Products, and Family Therapists

Paige Figueroa

Motherhood + Fertility

Dena Williams

I am niched in emails; I write fun emails for those with mission-driven businesses, artists, and creatives.

Nicole Salvatore

Coaches + Educators (Thought Leaders, Podcasters, and Online Course Creators)

Monica Kauzeni

Women-owned Businesses

Rebecca Kristene

Holistic Health & Wellness

Brandy Wells

Launch copy for coaches and course creators

Emily Baksa


Shelagh Bajus

Website copywriting and design for small businesses and online service providers.

Kelli Jasper

Purpose Driven Brands

Rebecca Miller

Beauty and Wellness targeting GenX and beyond

Natalie Gonzalez

Beauty and Wellness

Candice Cassidy

Women-led and mom-owned businesses

Laura Williams

Wellness Copywriter

Jessica Nardone

Women’s Health & Wellness

Sarah Shell

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Brands

Megan Castor

Vacation Rentals & Hospitality

Suzanne Griffin

Mental Health and Wellness

Briana Rupel

Non-alcoholic beverage industry

Emma Reeves

Clean Health and Beauty Wellness Industries

Kelsey Golden

Wildlife Conservation

Wendy Jones

Coaches, Mentors, Course Creators, Outdoor & Adventure Businesses

Ashley Crowe

Parent-Focused E-Commerce Brands

Stacia Grace

Spirit-centered entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives, alternative healthcare practitioners, and servant leaders

Julie Schill

Functional and Naturopathic Health and Wellness

Brenna Ellis

Outdoor Industry brands, educators and service providers

Britt Gilley


Athena Sherma

Sextech, Sexual Wellness, Sexual Pleasure, Email Marketing

Stephanie Kehr

Health and Wellness

Chelsea Stassi

Medical Technology

Karla Freivalds

Health and Wellness

Maria Price

Healthcare/ Wellness Professionals

Dave Hartland


Amber Hopfer

Women Owned Businesses

Susanne Kimball

Health and Wellness (Medical, Health Tech)

Annalea Hart Bertrand

Health & Wellness

Rose Huitt

Small Business

Natasha M.

Interior designers, decorators & home décor brands

Lesley Meek


Rachel Glueck

Personal Transformation & Travel

Kristina Schmidt

E-Mail & Launch Copywriting for Female Coaches & Trailblazers

Sherry Arkfeld

Case Studies for B2B and Technology Companies

Amanda Bourbonais

Holistic Health/Functional Medicine

Lakia Morrow

Parenting & Motherhood

Jazmin Giraldo

Heart-centered entrepreneurs, Life Coaches and soul-led course creators

Krystal Carter

Launch Copy for women business coaches

Greta Taguines

SEO Website Copywriting

Adri Kopp

Email Strategy & Copywriting

Leigh Buehler

Sports Marketing

Kelly Gawitt

Health & Wellness

Malia Taylor

Holistic Wellness

Melanie Sawatzki

Christian/ faith-based businesses and organizations

Sara Ray

Sexual Health and Wellness

Melissa Goodwin

Sales copy for online entrepreneurs

Jenny Dang

Digital Creators

Shelly Buettner

Holistic Development and Luxury Goods Copywriter – Your Content Specialist for Mind, Body and Brand.

Kelly Druge

Dental & Oral Health

Austin Williams

Small to Medium-Sized Farms on the Direct-to-Consumer Trajectory

Cathlyn Melvin

B2B Coaches + Service Providers

Sarah Jaroch

Holistic Health Practitioners

Kelly Cline


Katie Hernandez

Early Childhood Education and Parenting Brands

Lauren Tassi

Coaches & Course Creators

Danielle Peters

Mental Health Therapists and Coaches

Dominique Seaton

Creative Entrepreneurs and Content Creators

Chenae Day

Women’s Health & Women Owned Businesses

Lauren Littlewood

Rebel Brands and Radical Changemakers

Jamie Smet

Nonprofits and Nonprofit Consultants

Chris Roberts

Outdoor and Adventure Industry

Chester Beard

I am a copywriter for sustainable brands and businesses

Kristen Smith

Christian ministries, businesses, and authors

Bailey Romi

Animal Wellness in Veterinary Medicine and Conservation

Mayra Gomez-Sanchez

I serve BIPOC business owners

Lauren Ryan


Emily Batdorf

Personal Finance

Mandi Harenberg

Wellness practitioners, coaches, and entrepreneurs

Alyssa Christine

Personal Development

Karena Hamilton

Vocal Professionals

Danielle Bucco

Wellness/Personal Development

Erika Herman

Health and Wellnes, Healthcare

Holly Larson

I am a registered dietitian who serves my fellow RDs and wellness brands.

Lilly Linden

Home Improvement

Nicole Wells

Small Business

Lizzie Shander

Parenting and Education niche

Char Lessenger

Travel & Leisure

Kavi Kien

Productivity & Saas

Randee Moore


Amela Bloom

Website Copy

Melissa Esmeralda

Coaches, Course Creators, and Online Service providers

Emma McTague

New Earth Copywriting–serving coaches, therapists, healers, and all who are building a better world.

Brandon Thomas

Website Copy

Michelle Hauck

Food Bloggers, Course Creators, and Online Service Providers

Helen Merino

Pet Industry Writer and SEO Sales Wizard

Samantha Luna

Artists and Small Businesses

Seychelle Thomas

Personal Finance

Corynn Craig

Sustainable Travel Companies

Carena Ennis

Pet Industry

Taylor Knight

Holistic Health & Wellness

Nancy Boudreau

Higher Education and Health and Wellness

Jamie Smith

The Health and Wellness Industry

Ellyn Vohnoutka


Katie Bridgewater


Lindsey Gram

Medical + Health & Wellness Copywriting

Stephanie Hills

Health, Wellness, and Beauty

Miranda Arnold

Spirituality-based businesses

Marla Borger

Coaches & Consultants
Ismael Rodriguez

Martial Arts and Self-defense Industry

Erika Harding

Law Enforcement

Samantha Buntman

Autism Advocacy Copywriter
Shannon Kirby


Hope Frye

Integrative Health Practioners

Lauren Walker

Mariel Bourdon

Real Estate

CJ Sullivan

Multi-Industry Versatility

Kate Dovgala

Health and Wellness
Crystal Rensel

Mental Health, Wellness, and Personal Development

Kellie Sperle

Sustainable brands & Non profits

Jessica Dowding

Email Copywriting for Sustainable Brands
Sabrina Mueller

Holistic Health and Wellness

Matt Roseti


Sarah Golden

Faith based and women owned businesses
Quincy Curtis

Small Women Owned Art & Service Businesses

Jessie Moss

Home Improvement Industry

Courtney Gomes

Pet Brands, Businesses and Animal Nonprofits
Kate Tant

Holistic Health + Wellness

Rachel Lambert

Renewable Energy

Erika Andrews

Cannabis Industry
Abby Boyd

Holistic Health and Wellness

Haley Juristy

Mental Health Organizations/ Private Practices

Karena Mathis

Health and Fitness
Brandis Havener

Email Copywriter & Strategist for E-Commerce and Mission-Driven Brands

Melynda Kloc

Business Owners

Lisa Hyder

Hospitality Copywriter
Ashley Fisher

Conservative Brands and Politicians

Jenny Gill

Healthcare & Occupational Therapy

Tessa Hall

Faith-Based Brands
Kendall Havenstein

Alternative Healing Practitioners

Amanda Montoni

Theatre/Performing Arts

Jaclyn Kirby

Personal Development and Lifestyle
Jordan Robertson

Beauty and Wellness

Dianna Candido

Copywriters and Online Business Owners

Grant Bosch

Personal Development Coaches and Mentors
Therese Vonesh

Outdoor Industry

Haley Juristy

Mental Health Organizations/ Private Practices

Erika Andrews

Cannabis Industry
Abby Boyd

Holistic Health and Wellness

Haley Juristy

Mental Health Organizations/ Private Practices

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Our writers work with…

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