Episode 17: Being Comfortable in Paradox

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As humans, we like to see things in black and white but in fact, life is so nuanced, complex, and dynamic, and there is hardly anything that’s entirely good or entirely bad. 

Rather than thinking of things as “either, or” we should be thinking about them as “both, and.” 

The traits that you see as your biggest weaknesses are likely to also be some of your greatest strengths. 

We’re both on our own personal development journeys, constantly learning about ourselves and each other, and in this episode (as always) we let you into our heads as we discuss paradoxical personalities, contradictory beliefs, trauma responses, and the importance of being flexible and open to change. 

Key Points From This Episode: 

  • The unexpected interaction that we had during one of our previous episodes, The Mystic and the Scientist. 
  • How other people can impact the way we present ourselves.
  • The value that lies in having discussions about ideas that are not fully formed.
  • Sarah shares an example of how she and her romantic partner complement one another.
  • Paradoxes in our personalities. 
  • Another podcast episode that everybody should listen to!
  • Reasons that we attract certain people.
  • An explanation of the concept of ‘splitting the ambivalence.’
  • What traveling teaches Sarah about herself.
  • Why flexibility is key to the success of a relationship.
  • How Emily’s religious trauma affected her choice of partners.
  • Step one in the challenging process of changing established patterns.
  • What a morning routine can bring to your life.
  • Our experiences of breaking out of the boxes that other people have put us into.
  • The core of most conflict situations, and how understanding this can improve your relationships. 
  • Important learnings that can come from trauma responses.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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Emily Pennystone on Instagram

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