Episode 18: The Complicated Relationships with Our Bodies

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There are few issues as thorny as body image, but who better to open the discussion than best friends with very different perspectives? 

Today on Inner Archeology, we talk all about our bodies and how Emily has spent years coming to terms with hers, while Sarah didn’t struggle with this too much — which, weirdly enough, created other insecurities. 

We dive into the reasons why each of them has experienced body image the way they have, as well as why it’s so important to include people who are “on the outside” of an issue in the discussion. 

Find out how pregnancy and motherhood changed Emily’s perspective, and why science inspired Sarah to revere her body. 

We address the impact of our role models and the media on our own body image, as well as how patriarchal expectations have negatively influenced women’s appreciation for pleasure. S

Sarah describes her experiences exploring other people’s concepts of sexuality, and how this has contributed to her confidence in her own body. 

Emily reveals why she feels we have a choice in our appreciation for our bodies, families, and situations, and why she is teaching her daughters to include their bodies and their good health in their daily gratitude. 

For all this, and so much more, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to today’s topic (body image), and why it makes Sarah uncomfortable. 
  • Why Emily developed a negative self-image and the experiences that reinforced it.
  • How Sarah’s learned to give people space to talk about their body image issues.
  • Why society and people shut down discussions around body image.
  • How pregnancy and motherhood made Emily appreciate her body for the incredible vessel that it is. 
  • Challenging the narrative that you can’t speak about issues that you’ve never experienced. 
  • How science helped Sarah develop a positive body image through reverence. 
  • The impact of different religions on women’s body image. 
  • How sharing your struggles to help others gives your life meaning. 
  • The idea of being in a relationship with your body: treat it like a beloved partner or friend.
  • Finding pleasure in your body, and how it links to body image. 
  • How society’s views on women’s bodies and breastfeeding are shifting, and why the old views enrage Sarah. 
  • Why exploring your own, and others’ concepts of sexuality and attraction can lead to a more positive body image. 
  • Where we develop our ideas around body image: the media or our mothers?
  • How experiencing the wonder of birth can encourage reverence for the human body in all its forms. 
  • Emily’s belief that we chose the vessel that we most needed, and why it helps her accept her body. 
  • Why including your body and your good health in your daily gratitude can help you develop a positive body image. 
  • The value of discussing different personal issues with a variety of people: new insights. 

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