Episode 16: The Mystic & The Scientist

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The tension that seems to exist between the rational and the intuitive does not necessarily have to be a conflict. If we can bring these two spheres into harmony and balance, we can draw forth a stronger and more complete understanding and approach to our lives!

In this episode of the show, we unpack the ideas of the mystic and the scientist, and how leaning too far one way can leave us scared and dogmatic. From the many different systems and frameworks that we all have access to, to the inner wisdom and knowing that can be found through the right questions, there are so many paths to a fulfilling and self-actualized existence.

It is only when we adhere to external and ill-fitting boxes that we find ourselves in trouble, experiences that both of us have had, especially in our younger years! In this world of dogmatic science and the still-dominant patriarchy, it is so important for inquisitive and strong-willed women to follow their hearts, and we hope this episode is a clear reminder of that.

So, to hear all about it and share in this ever-blossoming flower of realization, be sure to listen in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to the ideas of past lives, soul groupings, and human design. 
  • The attraction of different systems for understanding our lives in today’s world. 
  • Scientific explanations for manifestation and what seemed previously inexplicable. 
  • Experiences of allowing things to happen and making space for special encounters. 
  • Feelings of confusion and discomfort around mysticism in our younger years. 
  • Selecting the parts of systems that resonate and constructing your own canvas. 
  • Sarah’s memory of energetic connection and a deeper sense of knowing at a younger age.  
  • Listening to the different parts of ourselves; accessing the subconscious and the dream self. 
  • Accepting the knowing and responding to the urge to reach out to others. 
  • Allowing space for astrology and the parts of it that make sense to us! 
  • Keeping a playful and lighthearted approach to mysticism; avoiding dogma and fear.
  • The self-righteousness that can very often be attached to science. 
  • Cultivating a healthy balance between the rational and mystical, and how this relates to feminine and masculine energies.
  • The relationship between land ownership and the oppression of women. 
  • The work that goes into finding your inner wisdom and what knowing feels like. 
  • Situating ourselves within the history of ostracized and exceptional women! 

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