Episode 31: Beliefs That Keep Us Small Pt.2 – As Women

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Sometimes, it comes down to those deep layers of what you believe of your self-worth, and the validity of your voice.

Don’t let conditioned beliefs keep you from what you truly want to do! With that, welcome back to Inner Archeology, where we will be continuing with part two of a mini-series on the topic of beliefs that keep us small.

Today, we focus specifically on beliefs that keep us small as women, touching on things like being assertive and how society perceives it differently coming from males and females, we touch on gender constructs and biases, language limitations, body language, trying new things, and the whole idea of judgments and how they can expose areas of personal growth.

We end the discussion by talking about the idea of attention-seeking, whether it’s inherently wrong, and the blurry line between when it’s negative and positive.

Join us today for all this, and so much more, as we talk through limiting beliefs that keep us small as women! Enjoy!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • We jump into some examples of limiting beliefs that keep us small.
  • Assertiveness: how it’s attributed to a more masculine gender and how that can warp assertive women.
  • Gender constructs that keep us small — we should not allow ourselves to be limited by these.
  • We chat about how we can be so conditioned to different gender biases, energies, and expectations. 
  • How body language impacts our image; women tend to tuck in and make themselves small.
  • How language limitations are also problematic.
  • Things we think keep us small and the importance of bouncing it off someone — is it true?
  • Why it’s important to have self-trust and grace when trying out new energies.
  • We talk about judgments; where they come from, where they’re directed, and how they can change.
  • How judgments lead to revealing limiting beliefs inside of you and expose areas of growth!
  • We rehash the judgment of selfies, realizing limiting beliefs of our own.
  • We discuss the question: What is wrong with being attention-seeking?
  • The importance of sharing with people how they’ve impacted you. 
  • Emily shares a story about sharing the meaning of an experience to end the podcast.


“I love the idea of showing up even when shit is hard and it doesn’t feel just right. Because so often that can be the thing that pulls you into a new energy!” — Sarah Turner [0:07:52]

“We have all these constructs around gender that I’ve been thinking about and find interesting, and they keep us small. When in reality, we get to be whatever collection of energies that we want to be! And it has nothing to do with what our bodies look like or our genitalia. And it has everything to do with how you want to show up in the world.” — Emily Pennystone [0:13:55]

“Something that I’ve realized is that if you are not used to being assertive, in a way that’s not rude or overbearing, or aggressive, it feels aggressive.” — Sarah Turner [0:23:24]

“It’s impossible to say that everyone who is successful and in the limelight doesn’t have insecurities.” — Sarah Turner [0:45:15]

“I’ve recognized [sometimes] that I am bored, I want some interaction, I want attention. And it can be with people in my life, it can be online, and I try to call it out for what it is — especially if it’s in person — I am in need of attention right now — and I don’t think there is something inherently wrong with that!” — Emily Pennystone [0:46:00]

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