Episode 30: Beliefs That Keep Us Small Pt.1 – Untying Money & Time

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We are excited to get started with today’s episode, so welcome back!

It’s great that we can call out excitement, or lack thereof, for an episode, because to create content consistently we really believe that where you differentiate from those who do something with the content they create versus those who don’t, is that you show up even when you don’t feel 100 percent.

Today on the show, we talk about beliefs we have that keep us small, especially those from a career standpoint. We need to have beliefs that allow us to go after the things we really want to have!

Our big, passion-driven point from this episode is untying your earning potential from your time.  We go on to discuss many different aspects of this belief, along with key principles on how to achieve your best-fit work situation.

Join us today for all this and so much more on this jam-packed, passion-fuelled episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why showing up and doing your work, when you’re not 100%, gives your work more meaning.
  • The importance and value of keeping your promises to yourself.
  • Why you should examine the promises you continue failing to keep.
  • Reframing beliefs that aren’t serving you and continuing to re-examine your beliefs.
  • Sarah shares why you should price your work based on value and not on the time you spent on it. 
  • Beliefs that keep us small and the importance of having beliefs that allow us to go after what we truly want.
  • The question: is 9-5 really what you want and are you getting out of it what you truly need?
  • Why time doesn’t equal value; the paradigm shift we are evolving out of. 
  • Emily shares an insightful story about the price of having the knowledge and expertise.
  • The need to shift our measuring system from hours spent to quality of life and work produced. 
  • Sarah shares the system she uses to prioritize daily tasks and how she manages her time.
  • Why a shortened workday can increase your productivity and product quality.
  • Why Sarah believes companies should shift towards a task-based incentive structure.
  • We parallel the schooling system as a grooming path to 9-5, 40 hour work weeks.
  • Time is your most precious resource: it’s something you can’t make more of.
  • The importance of recognizing and separating your self-worth from the time invested.
  • Ridding ourselves of the belief that you charge according to what you are worth; you are not your work.
  • Emily shares the shift she went through in changing the belief that was self-limiting her; she got out of her own way.
  • The big point: how are you spending your time?
  • The power behind calling out what you want explicitly, putting out intentions into the universe, and exposure.


“There is something about showing up — it’s like keeping the promises to yourself, the commitments you’ve made, build self-trust and that is deeply valuable!” — Emily Pennystone [0:06:20]

“Something that I’ve learned over the years is that when you make a promise to yourself that you continuously can’t keep — it’s usually because it’s not in alignment with what you really want for yourself.” — Sarah Turner [0:08:03]

“I think it’s really important for us to start looking for things that allow us to have lives that we really want to have!” —Sarah Turner [0:15:55]

“Those periods of hustle are to create more freedom for myself, ultimately — and if that’s not what I’m doing with my hustle, then I’m not hustling well or smart.” — Sarah Turner [0:25:50]

“We have to untie the belief that how we earn money has anything to do with what we are worth!” —Sarah Turner [0:35:55]

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