Free Copywriting Course: Learn How to Build a Lucrative Freelance Copywriting Career

Plus, a look inside my signature copywriting course: Write Your Way to Freedom.

Are you ready to have more freedom as a freelance copywriter? Maybe you’re tired of your 9-5 taking up all your time and energy. You’ve heard about freelance copywriters earning more in less time – all from the comfort of their homes.

Now all you need is a stellar copywriting course to teach you how to create a lucrative copywriting career.

Whether you want to transition into copywriting or make your existing freelance career (congrats!) more stable – you’re in the right place.

Freelance copywriting is becoming more popular because it’s an accessible way to work for yourself, earn more money, and achieve more freedom.

Becoming a copywriter changed my life over ten years ago.

It allowed me to quit my 9-5 job that didn’t fulfill me and replace my income while working part-time hours. This time and financial freedom allows you to travel more, spend more time with family or friends, and get back in the driver’s seat of your life.

Not to mention, it allows you to bring real value to your clients’ brands.

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping people like you break into copywriting and entrepreneurship. And after a decade of success in this field, I have two primary ways that I help people do so: my free copywriting course and signature copywriting course.

Through these copywriting courses, I’m proud to share that I’ve helped thousands of students replace or exceed their income with freelance copywriting.

This article will give you an inside look at both to help you decide which is right for you.

Free Copywriting Course

If you’re ready to learn how to pursue copywriting as a career, my free copywriting course is the best place to start.

This 90-minute masterclass teaches you the exact steps to build a lucrative writing career in about three months. Without any formal training, experience, or degree in copywriting.

You’ll come away from this copywriting course knowing how to use freelance copywriting to…

  • Be your own boss. Have you been dreaming about working for yourself and making your own rules in life? Freelance copywriting is an accessible way to be your own boss {so you can build your own dream, instead of someone else’s}.

  • Earn more money (working part-time). Learn exactly how much you can earn as a copywriter. I share the revenue numbers and hours breakdown from actual copywriters {so you don’t need to guess how much you can bring in}.

  • Create the life you want. We dive into deciding what success looks like for YOU. The best part about being a freelance copywriter is that you get to create your life and future {by creating a career that aligns with your values}.

After the free copywriting course, you’ll know whether or not freelance copywriting is the right fit for you and learn the exact steps to take to launch your freelance writing career.

Discover how to learn copywriting skills and build your client base in one 90-minute session. Plus, you get special access to a copywriting resource that shows you exactly how to earn your first $200 as a copywriter this afternoon.

Learn How to Build a Lucrative Freelance Copywriting Career

Get my free copywriting masterclass that walks you through exactly how I went from zero to consistent five-figure months with copywriting – with no experience and no portfolio.

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“I took your free course, and it’s changed my life.”

“My husband still can’t believe I’m making this work. I made more money than him this month while staying home full-time watching my 11-month-old, haha! We have big goals in the next 3 years (some of which I never thought we’d get to until 10+ years). I couldn’t have done it without your free course! THANK YOU!” – Jennifer

What’s Included in the Free Copywriting Course

Wondering how we’ll use our 90 minutes together? Here’s how the free copywriting course walks you through how to become a copywriter:

  • Discovering your WHY
    Are you craving more for your life? Maybe you want more freedom, or perhaps you want to live a life more aligned with your values. Our first section sets the stage for how to define your WHY and use copywriting to achieve it.

  • What Copywriting Is (And Isn’t)
    There are misconceptions about what copywriting is and how it’s different from content writing (or even legal copyright). Get clear on exactly what type of copywriting brands need, so you can find paid copywriting work.

  • How Much You Can Earn as a Copywriter
    I break down exactly how much to charge and how many deliverables you’ll need to create to achieve your income goals. You’ll get the exact formula to calculate your own goals – and discover what’s possible for you.

  • How to Turn Pro
    Get the proven roadmap thousands of my copywriting students have used to build lucrative freelance copywriting careers. From learning copywriting techniques to choosing a niche to building your portfolio and pitching clients.

  • How to Build a Reliable Client Base
    The people who say that freelancing is less stable than a full-time job likely haven’t been freelancing the right way. I’ll show you how to find high-quality clients that pay your rates. So you can actually earn more money and stability than your 9-5.

  • How to Work With Me
    Discover how to get more support on your journey to becoming a freelance copywriter.
    Get a sneak peek inside my signature online copywriting course, Write Your Way to Freedom (this article will also give you a look inside).

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Have a question about freelance copywriting? You’re not alone, and I’d love to provide clarity for you. At the end of the free course, I answer the most common questions I get about copywriting (like “what if I didn’t like writing in school?”).

Are you ready to get clarity on how to create a successful career as a freelance writer? The free copywriting course gives you the roadmap to start earning money in three months or less.

“There’s no fluff like other free courses out there.”

“Sarah Turner’s free course actually shows you step-by-step what you need to do to become a successful freelance writer” – Nicole

A Look Inside My Signature Online Copywriting Course: Write Your Way to Freedom

Many students have created lucrative copywriting careers after the free copywriting course alone. But some students are looking for an even higher level of support, and that’s when they consider Write Your Way to Freedom.

Write Your Way to Freedom is a comprehensive copywriting course that guides you through every single phase of building a profitable freelance copywriting career.

It’s even more extensive than the free course – with comprehensive training, weekly live coaching, and access to a community of like-minded copywriters. Here’s a deep look inside the course curriculum.

Goal Planning and Mindset

What sets Write Your Way to Freedom apart from other copywriting courses is the emphasis on creating a life and career that aligns with your values.

Many students want to use copywriting to break free from their 9-5 jobs and create a life with more freedom. It’s necessary to be intentional with your vision and goals to define and create the life you truly want.

That’s why an entire section in the copywriting course is dedicated to mindset, business, financial goal-setting, and cultivating a business-owner mindset. 🧠

  • Setting value-aligned goals. Get clear on your deepest vision of what you want. Whether it’s to travel and only work 2 hours a day or to grow your own agency. All of your goals are possible, but it’s essential to define what true success looks like to you.

  • Business and financial goal planning. Set the path for how you’re going to reach your value-aligned goals. Creating a plan enables you to measure progress towards your goals – and give yourself credit when you reach them.

  • Cultivating an intentional morning routine. Your mindset has the power to either hold you back or propel you forward to success. Get the tools needed to overcome limiting beliefs, reframe your mindset, view yourself as a business owner – and so much more.

Goal planning and mindset are among the most important sections because they provide direction for where you want to go. You come away with specific goals and how to reach them with intention, less stress, and excitement.

I’ve had many students say that the mindset tools they learn here spill over into all areas of their life. They’re able to move forward with more confidence and intention than before.

Copywriting Skills and Techniques

Copywriting skills are your most important asset as a freelance copywriter. What sets you apart from other freelancers is your ability to create great work that drives results for your clients.

Luckily, you don’t need to go back to school or get a degree to learn copywriting. This copywriting course teaches you the gold standards of the industry.

Here are a few of the extensive skill categories that Write Your Way to Freedom covers:

  • Copywriting techniques. This category dives deep into effective copywriting skills – from persuasive psychology to emotional techniques and much more.

    You get step-by-step instructions on how to study copy, learn from the best copywriters, and deepen your knowledge through recommended copywriting books.

  • Writing and productivity. As a freelance copywriter, time is your biggest asset. The faster you get your work done with quality, the more free time you have. And you can spend that time growing your career, living your life, and finally taking up those hobbies you’ve been wanting to try.

    Learn the tactics that help you write faster – from bashing writer’s block, getting into a flow state, and retraining your brain.

  • Types of copy. The copywriting course teaches you copywriting skills and how to apply them. Get an in-depth explanation of types of copy, like blog writing, landing pages, ad copy, and email marketing, to name a few.

    Avoid having to scour the internet for how-to’s every time you land a new client project. You’ll have an index of how to write different types of copy in your back pocket.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Incorporating SEO makes your copy much more impactful because it helps your clients’ brands grow. SEO is the process of helping your content rank in organic search engines like Google.

    SEO is extensive and can be confusing to learn on your own. That’s why you get an entire section dedicated to demystifying and mastering SEO and keyword planning.

  • Marketing strategy. Copywriting is a fundamental piece of marketing and growing a brand. That’s why it’s vital to know how all your contents fit together to reach a brand’s marketing goals.

    Set yourself apart from other freelancers with an in-depth understanding of the customer journey, marketing strategy, and content goals. 

The skills section inside the copywriting course is extensive because my mission is to train copywriters like you to get incredible results for your clients. Results that’ll get your clients coming back for more and referring you to others in their circle.

You’ll learn the exact strategies and skills I’ve used to drive over $27 million in sales in the service sector with my copywriting.

Each category listed includes multiple modules that walk you through each step of the process. We’re continually updating new, relevant training as the copywriting industry evolves. As a member, you get lifetime access to all course updates.

Career-Building Strategies

Most copywriting courses teach you copywriting skills alone, but not how to create a stable income with copywriting. Knowing how to book high-paying clients is critical to your success as a freelance copywriter.

Here’s how my copywriting course teaches you to create a lucrative copywriting career:

  • Copywriting portfolio. You don’t need a degree or experience to get started copywriting. But you do need to show your quality writing samples to potential clients.

    Learn exactly how to choose a copywriting niche, create a website portfolio, publish your first samples, and market to your ideal clients.

  • Client acquisition. The thing that sets successful freelancers apart from ones who fail is how effectively you find and book high-paying clients. Client acquisition is a major source of confusion for many freelancers, and this section demystifies everything.

Get in-depth instructions on different client-finding strategies, from LinkedIn to cold emailing to Facebook. Choose the strategy that works best for you and your energy.

  • Client onboarding. A client responded to your inquiry – what do you do next? The course walks you through how to onboard new clients.

    Learn how to nail your discovery calls, send quality proposals, and onboard like a pro.

  • All things admin. As a freelancer, it’s crucial to legally protect yourself. Get clarity on what steps to take, from forming your LLC to navigating taxes for the first time.

    You also get tips on how to run your day-to-day tasks and other admin topics. Learn how to run your processes like an expert.

Similar to the skill section, this list only scratches the surface of everything included in this comprehensive copywriting course. Each of these categories has multiple modules to walk you through every single step of the way.

I created Write Your Way to Freedom because this is the tool I wish I had when I was first learning how to become a freelance copywriter. 

It took me years to sort through the mountains of information online to create a lucrative, thriving freelance copywriting career. And I wanted to make that process shorter for you.

Now, Write Your Way to Freedom students are able to create sustainable copywriting careers in as little as three months. Even when they start with no experience and no portfolio. 

What Really Sets Write Your Way to Freedom Apart From Other Copywriting Courses

The support inside the copywriting course continues beyond the training alone. What sets Write your way to Freedom apart is the extensive hands-on support, coaching, and community you receive inside the program.

  • Weekly Live Coaching. Every week there are two live coaching calls with highly successful copywriters. You get in-depth training on a specific type of copy, situation, or another area to help you grow your freelance career.

  • Community. Step inside an inclusive community of thousands of students who are growing their freelance careers alongside you. The support, accountability, and clarity you get from other members are unmatched.

Connecting with other copywriters is a fast way to grow, learn, and boost your career. Get your questions answered and learn from some of the best in the industry.

I’m proud to share that our community members are incredibly kind and supportive and want to help you on your journey. 🥰

*When you join Write Your Way to Freedom, you get complimentary access to weekly live coaching for one year. After that, you can continue live coaching sessions for a small monthly fee.

Discover if Write Your Way to Freedom Is for You

Ready to start your freelance copywriting career? Apply for a strategy session to learn more about Write Your Way to Freedom. One of our team members will personally answer your questions and help you decide if the copywriting course is the right fit for you!

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