Episode 8: Unlearning Beliefs That Hold Us Back – Part 1

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While Sarah and Emily both had very different upbringings, both of them experienced watershed moments where they had to confront beliefs that they held but no longer identified with. 

For Emily, it was the realization that the religious ideals she was living her life by were not her own; while Sarah faced criticism for wanting a divorce that didn’t align with other people’s ideals. 

Tune in to find out how these two remarkable women unlearned their beliefs to build authentic expressions of themselves. 

We discover what the catalyzing moment was for each of them, and what their responses to these dark times were. 

As fundamentally different people, these two friends also handled these experiences differently, although the process and stages were eerily similar. 

From processing each stage and why this is so important in your healing journey to handling distress cerebrally or physically, this episode delves deep into the process of unlearning beliefs. 

Tune in to hear why so many of us struggle with the person we become around family, and what you can do to change this narrative. Don’t miss out on another excellent episode!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • How aging prompted Emily and Sarah to discuss unlearning beliefs. 
  • Why unlearning old beliefs will help you grow more than doing new things. 
  • How family reinforces an idea of you that may no longer be true. 
  • Diving into Emily’s childhood: growing up in an evangelical Christian missionary family and how this shaped her life. 
  • When Emily realized she had a right to her own life and how she unlearned her core beliefs. 
  • Coming to terms with the people you value having a different set of beliefs. 
  • Reconstructing a ‘you’ that is a more authentic expression of yourself. 
  • Why Sarah is inspired by the way Emily manages her anger. 
  • Sarah’s experience of unlearning her beliefs: how a divorce cracked open decades of trauma and past beliefs that she didn’t realize she had. 
  • How to navigate the separation from loved ones who reinforce beliefs that aren’t your own. 
  • Why pain and trauma can be the catalysts to personal growth and healing. 
  • The different techniques for unlearning beliefs: gentle sifting or a complete reset. 
  • What the different stages of the unlearning process are: fear, anger, and grief. 
  • Why each of the stages of the unlearning process needs to be dealt with. 
  • How being at peace with an unlearned belief engenders empathy. 
  • Why Emily is so good at handling her anger. 
  • How Emily and Sarah each handled being in triggering situations and their tips for survival. 
  • Why it’s impossible to go through a big unlearning gracefully; be gentle with yourself.
  • Addressing your response to big changes: physical or cerebral. 
  • Why you should trust yourself in a crisis. 
  • An introduction to the topics covered in Unlearning Beliefs Part 2: sexuality and money. 

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