4 Fears About Freelancing Debunked: A Freelance Career Is More Stable Than You Think

A freelance writing career provides benefits and stability.

You’re *this* close to quitting your job and starting a freelance career as a copywriter. 

You crave location independence, being your own boss, and creating your own schedule. But maybe some fears about freelancing are holding you back. 

I totally understand. Almost every freelancer – including myself – had fears about leaving their job at first. But many of the fears about freelancing are actually myths. 

I’ve found that freelancing is more stable than a traditional 9-5 in many ways. Keep reading to learn why and how you can start a steady freelance writing career.

4 Freelance Career Fears Debunked

It’s natural to feel nervous about stepping off the traditional career path to carve your own way as a freelancer. But the benefits of working for yourself are incredible.

It’s so, so worth it to push back on your fears about freelancing to be able to create a career – and life – you love. So, I’m here to help you do just that.

After almost a decade of freelancing, I’ve learned exactly how to make a freelance career stable. Here are four of the most common fears I hear about freelancing that usually aren’t true:

  1. Income Instability. Many people view a 9-5 job as stable because you get paychecks at the same time every month. But if you get laid off from your job, you could lose your entire income.

    As a freelance writer, you have multiple contracts with different clients. If you lose one client, you won’t lose your entire income overnight. And if you do lose a client, you have the knowledge and tools needed to replace them.

    As you get familiar with online business, you’ll discover there are many opportunities to make money online. You can find ways to create multiple streams of income, which is the key to long-term, stable wealth.

  1. No Benefits (Like Health Insurance). Another common fear I hear all the time is that you won’t receive health insurance from your employer as a freelancer. But an employer usually doesn’t cover the entire cost of your healthcare. While their contribution is helpful, you may be paying more out of pocket than you realize.

    Is your earning potential higher as a freelancer than it is at your current job? If so, you can pay for your health insurance out of pocket and still earn more money.

    Plus, many states offer tax benefits on health insurance based on your income, so you can pay a lower monthly insurance payment when you’re starting out as a copywriter.1

  1. Saturation. There are so many copywriters in my niche. Is there even a need for me?” I hear this from newbie copywriters, and it’s another limiting belief to push back on.

    Saturation is actually a good thing. If it feels like there are a lot of other copywriters in your niche, that means there’s a greater demand. 📈

    There’s truly an abundance of brands that need excellent copywriters like you. Opportunities are only continuing to grow as people form brands and more brands shift online.

  1. Fear of Disliking Freelancing. I recommend trying freelance copywriting as a side hustle before quitting your job. You can see if you like it and build a reliable client base before going all in.

    If you’re unhappy in your freelance career, you can always find ways to do more of what you love. That’s what I love about freelancing: you have total control over who you’re working with and what you’re working on.

    As much as I love freelancing, I know it’s not for everyone – and that’s okay. If you try starting a freelance career and don’t like it, you can always return to a corporate job with new skills and experience!

Although there are many benefits, having a reliable freelance career does require work in the beginning. It may take a few weeks to get used to working for yourself, handling all your admin work, and getting new clients.

But the long-term income and freedom potential make freelancing worth it.

Are you tired of waiting years for a promotion or raise at your company? Set your own rates and increase them as you gain confidence and learn new skills. 

Are you tired of working long hours, building someone else’s dream? Start your freelance career to get control over your schedule and headspace again. You can cultivate a successful and stable freelance career by following three proven methods.

How to Make Your Freelance Career Stable

Imagine how good it would feel to only work 15 hours per week while earning more money than you do at your current job. 

Or the confidence you’d feel, knowing that you can take on more projects or raise your rates when you need extra income.

This is all entirely possible for you. But it’s crucial to put practices in place that lead to financial confidence and stability as a freelancer.

Here are a few ways to make your freelance career stable:

  • Have a solid client acquisition strategy. Having reliable income relies on having a solid stream of clients and projects to work with. Two of the most effective ways to get freelance copywriting clients include cold emailing or using LinkedIn.

  • Charge by deliverable, not hourly. The number of hours you spend on projects could fluctuate. Charging by deliverable helps you know how much money you’re going to earn each month and incentivizes you to get more work done faster.

  • Develop a business owner mindset. As you grow, it’s essential to cultivate your business owner mindset – and not let your clients treat you like an employee. A business owner mindset helps you make the right decisions that move your business forward.

Developing these practices in your freelance career helps you stay steady and consistent in your client work and income. Curious about how to transition to a freelance career? Here are some tips to get you there.  

How to Start a Stable Freelance Writing Career

Many freelance copywriters find themselves in a “feast to famine” cycle, where they either have too much work or not enough. This cycle makes it difficult to have a stable, predictable income.

That’s why Write Your Way to Freedom gives you all the tools you need to avoid the feast to famine cycle. And build a reliable freelance career – from the very beginning.

Imagine having the exact steps you need to build a reliable career. And a community of other copywriters who can help you find your way. 

🙌 Client acquisition strategies, so you have a reliable way to get new clients.

🙌 Pricing structure so you know what to charge and how to raise your rates.

🙌 Creating your portfolio and marketing yourself as an expert copywriter.

Write Your Way to Freedom saves you so much time, headspace, and heartache as a newbie freelancer. If this sounds like the support you’re looking for, apply for a strategy session today to see if Write Your Way to Freedom is right for you.

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