Episode 2: Who The Heck Are We? Plus, Slime and Dolly Parton

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Today on Inner Archeology, we get to know our hosts better as they introduce each other, the things they love most about each other, and joke about the importance of knowing your best friend’s favorite color and ice-cream flavor. 

In this episode, you’ll learn more about the creative aspect of their friendship, the previous podcast that they created together, and what they have learned from each other’s different entrepreneurial ventures. 

We discuss the value of putting your creativity out there to generate feedback, why Sarah doesn’t believe in writers’ block, and the importance of not just following your passion, but also pushing through discomfort and working hard. 

Listen in to find out why you shouldn’t force yourself to be only one thing, how difficulties can be the catalysts for growth and change, and the vital role of compassionate curiosity towards yourself. 

It is the hope of your hosts that this podcast will help you realize that you are the master of your own reality, so tune in today for this inspiring conversation!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Sarah and Emily begin this episode by introducing each other. 
  • How Emily and Sarah’s different personalities balance each other. 
  • Insight into Sarah and Emily’s first podcast, The Sex Talk. 
  • What they learned from Master Your Mindset and Sarah’s Write Your Way to Freedom. 
  • The importance of putting your creativity out there to generate feedback. 
  • Sarah’s thoughts on writers’ block and why she doesn’t believe in it. 
  • The importance of following your passion but also pushing through discomfort.
  • Emily’s slime business: how it started and what she gained from it. 
  • The importance of acknowledging that exiting is okay.
  • Why you shouldn’t force yourself to be only one thing.
  • Thoughts on “all or nothing” mentality and why Sarah chose the entrepreneurship route. 
  • The importance of curiosity and considering what the best version of yourself looks like.
  • Difficulties as the catalysts for growth and change, and the value of leaning into discomfort.
  • How this podcast is about the different ways of doing things outside of the mainstream. 
  • The thought patterns we get stuck in and how we tend to repeat them or pendulate between them when what we really want is somewhere in the middle.
  • Sarah and Emily’s hopes for listeners: realizing you are the master of your own reality! 
  • How we are invalidated as children and how this affects us later on in life. 
  • The moment in Dolly Parton’s America that really impacted Sarah and Emily and the empathy and compassion they have for their parents. 

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Sarah Turner: Write Your Way to Freedom 

Dolly Parton’s America

Sarah Turner on Instagram 

Emily Pennystone on Instagram

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I’m an entrepreneur on a mission to help other people become entrepreneurs.
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