How to Cultivate a Growth Mindset as a Freelancer – And Why It Matters

When you realize your growth mindset matters, your business changes for the better.

Creating a thriving copywriting business is not only about reaching your goals. You need to start thinking, feeling, and acting like a confident business owner. A growth mindset keeps you on track to achieve – and helps you feel more fulfilled while doing it.

That’s why today, I’m explaining exactly what a growth mindset is and how to cultivate it.

What Is a Growth Mindset?

Becoming a freelancer means you won’t have a boss checking in on you anymore.

👋 Goodbye performance reviews

👋 Weekly check-ins are a thing of the past

👋 Progress reports? Done with you!

While the freedom of being your own boss is liberating, it also means you’re responsible for your own growth. 

If you don’t have a system in place to consistently move towards your goals, you may find yourself getting stuck. 

Or worse… unnecessarily beating yourself up when you make inevitable mistakes (which are bound to happen – so hang in there).

Cultivating a growth mindset is about developing yourself as a person and as a business owner. This way of thinking emphasizes learning and evolving. Instead of viewing your circumstances as fixed, you believe you can develop skills and abilities.1

On a deeper level, a growth mindset means you believe that you are in control of your life and outcomes.

You see, we have way more control over our traits, skills, and circumstances than most of us grew up believing. Many of us hold ourselves back by defining ourselves by our childhood traits. Like believing you’re not a creative person, or that you’re destined to struggle with money, etc.

With a growth mindset, you know you can grow and evolve – no matter what age. This way of thinking puts you in control of your past and future. It enables you to…

  • Overcome limiting beliefs 
  • Not define yourself by past experiences
  • Cultivate new thoughts and beliefs

A growth mindset benefits your business by making you open to taking on challenges, growing yourself, and learning new things. You approach adversity with curiosity instead of fear and defensiveness. And instead of feeling like a victim of your circumstances, you take action.

Taking ownership of yourself and your business puts you in control of your success – and can make you happier while reaching it.

4 Practices to Develop a Growth Mindset

You jump head-first into starting your freelance copywriting business. You’re energized and excited… until you start comparing yourself to other writers.

Everyone else seems so far ahead of you. How can you ever catch up? 

Fear and anxiety are so common when you’re first starting out. Most of my copywriting students experience a phase of self-doubt in the beginning. But so many of them have gone on to create successful, lucrative businesses – and so can you!

A monumental shift happens when you develop a growth mindset routine. The fear doesn’t entirely go away, but you change your relationship with it. You start believing that you can succeed and grow yourself even when you’re afraid.

These are 4 practices to include in your daily routine that lead to a growth mindset.

  1. Create Value-Aligned Goals. A goal is a desired outcome that you want to reach. Values are the beliefs that guide your actions. Creating value-aligned goals means you don’t only focus on outcomes. You also ask yourself who you want to become to reach your goals. What traits, skills, and beliefs do you need to cultivate?

    Here’s an example…

    Value: Be a stable provider for my children so they can feel safe to thrive as the best version of themselves.

    Goal: Replace my corporate income within six months.

    Working towards a value-based goal is much more motivating than a goal alone. By using this process, you can be proud of who you’re becoming in the process of reaching your goals – regardless of whether you reach the outcome.

  1. Visualize Your Future. Imagine how a person who’s achieved your values and goals would behave. Close your eyes and visualize yourself as that future version of yourself. How does she think, act, and show up in the world?

    Keep this version of yourself in your mind as you approach your business tasks today. When you face a challenge that stresses you out – like a client email – pause before reacting. Respond as though you are the future, confident version of yourself.

  1. Create Affirmations. Identify the characteristics, skills, and beliefs you need to cultivate to achieve your goals. Write down affirmative statements that reinforce these traits and oppose your limiting beliefs.

    Do you have a hard time believing that you’re capable of becoming a writer? Here’s an affirmation to steal: “I am creative, intuitive, and resourceful. I trust in my ability to write effective copy.” Repeat your affirmations each morning to instill them in your subconscious.

  1. Take 1% Action Each Day. When you first start your copywriting business, there are a ton of steps you need to take. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the road ahead of you, instead of focusing on how far you’ve come.

    What seems impossible at first becomes achievable through simple, consistent daily actions. So, break down your goals into milestones and tasks. Then, focus on achieving just 1% of progress each day. Over time, your efforts compound and you reach your goal. I recommend you read The Slight Edge to reinforce this concept.

When you’re overwhelmed by everything you need to get done, focus on achieving the next ONE thing. A growth mindset helps you believe that the simple actions you take today lead to huge success over time. The process becomes more enjoyable when you’re focused on growing yourself and your values along the way.

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset Examples

It’s empowering to realize you can change your beliefs and outcomes through the power of mindset work. But limiting beliefs tend to linger even after you develop a growth mindset routine.

Here are a few common examples of a growth mindset vs. fixed mindset to look out for:

  • Abundance vs. Scarcity. With an abundance mindset, you believe there are limitless opportunities available. Your only obstacle is to identify and create those opportunities. This means you don’t need to stress over every client interaction. If a client doesn’t sign your proposal, you simply shift your focus onto the next project.

  • Confidence vs. Imposter Syndrome. Imposter syndrome is when you don’t believe you’re worthy of the success you’ve achieved. Combat this by developing trust in yourself and your abilities. This doesn’t mean you have to know how to do everything – it means you trust yourself to figure it out, even when you’re unsure. 

    Another tip: instead of overidentifying with Imposter Syndrome, remind yourself it’s a sign you’re growing.
  • Active Thoughts vs. Passive Thoughts. Recognize that your thoughts create your reality, and you have control over how you react to your thoughts. Too many of us accept our inner narrative as truth, without realizing we can change it. Practice observing your thoughts rather than being consumed by them.

You can’t always control your initial thoughts and feelings – but you can choose how you react to them and how you move forward. When you approach your business with a growth mindset, it starts to benefit your personal life as well.

Cultivate Your Growth Mindset and Watch Your Business Grow

When I discovered why growth mindset matters, my business changed for the better – forever. Not only is your mindset the key to success, but it also makes the process much more enjoyable. 

Maybe you’re wondering, “How am I ever supposed to debunk a lifetime of limiting beliefs?” I want to encourage you that shifting your mindset actually takes effect sooner than you might think, especially when you have a proven plan to follow.

Adjusting your mindset is the most fulfilling and effective action you can take for your business. If you’re ready to learn how, sign up for Master Your Mindset. This step-by-step course shows you exactly how to overcome limiting beliefs and develop a growth mindset.

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  1. Harvard Business

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