How to Handle Copywriting Clients’ Sales Objections With Confidence

7 responses to “your price is too high” that communicate the value of your work.

You’re on a discovery call with a potential copywriting client when they say those dreaded five words: “your prices are too high.”

Palms sweating, mind racing, you can’t think of how to respond.

If you’re a new freelance copywriter, you may jump to lowering your rates. But I’m here to help you avoid this! Instead, learn how to communicate that copywriting is a high-value skill that directly leads to sales.

How? Keep reading to learn how to explain the value of your work to put your client’s objections at ease and win clients who see your worth.

Preventing Sales Objections

The best way to prevent sales objections in the first place is to look for clients who already know that marketing and content are valuable.

New freelance copywriters tend to make the mistake of pitching clients that don’t have basic marketing in place. These clients may feel safer to pitch because it’s clear to you that they would benefit from your services.

But these companies are more likely to have client objections because they don’t already know the importance of what you’re offering.

Instead, look for clients with content that indicates they know the basics of marketing. Look for things like a…

  • Website – this shows that they want to communicate their mission
  • Blog – they know their audience is interested in content
  • Email Opt-In – they know they need an email list
  • Ads – if you see they are running ads, they’re clearly interested in marketing
  • Groupons – this is a great place to find businesses actively looking to bring in new customers 

Maybe you’re thinking: “If they have all of this, doesn’t that mean they don’t need me?”

But this, my friend, is a classic newbie copywriter myth.

It’s simply not true. Your unique expertise can absolutely benefit their existing plan. There’s a good chance they could use an extra hand or fresh perspective. And these clients will be more receptive to your ideas and less likely to question your pricing because they know marketing is important.

But even if these clients ask about your rates it doesn’t mean it’s time to panic. The key is to be able to confidently communicate the value they’re receiving for those costs.

How to Respond to “Your Prices Are Too High”

Handling sales objections and questions from potential clients is totally normal. When a potential client is considering working with you, they have their own business and budget to consider. So I want to empower you to not be afraid of the pricing question!

If someone does ask about your pricing, here are 7 ways to show the value of your copywriting:

1. Numbers & Results.

Get in the habit of tracking the results of your copy. Tracking these numbers can help you improve and continually grow your skills. Plus, you can use this data as proof that your copy works for potential clients that question you. 

Here are 2 ways to track results:

  • Google Analytics: Track your clients’ website’s monthly traffic and if it has increased since you started working together. You can also use Ubersuggest.
  • Page Conversion: Track the conversion rate of your pages using this formula: Conversion rate = (Conversions or goals achieved / Total visitors) multiplied by 100. This will give you the percentage of visitors that acted on your copy’s call to action. Conversion rates are an excellent way to show the effectiveness of your copy.1

2. Value.

If a client says they’ve seen lower copywriting rates elsewhere, remind them that you set your rates based on your expertise and training. Their copy will be unique, authentic, and impactful.

Freelance job boards tend to pay low rates for copywriting jobs – but high-quality writing is worth higher pricing!

3. Benefits.

Focus on what makes you stand out from other copywriters. Maybe you’re easy to work with, have predictable and fast turnaround times, or you’re known to capture tone exceptionally well.

Explain the benefits that your client will experience by working together. For example, if they can trust you to take content off their hands, they’ll have more time to focus on their clients.

4. Niche Expertise.

Demonstrate your knowledge of the niche that your client is in. Explain that you only work on projects that relate to their niche, which makes you an expert in the field and increases your work’s value.

Pro Tip: Use their lingo by mentioning themes and topics that are specific to their field.2

5. Flexibility.

Regardless of your confidence, some people may object to your prices just to see how you react. If you hesitate or lower your prices, it minimizes your credibility and may make them question why you set a higher price point in the first place.

If a client wants to work with you but says they don’t have the budget, you could lower the amount of deliverables  included in your proposal. This demonstrates you’re willing to work within their budget, but doesn’t devalue the individual deliverables.

6. Public Pricing.

I recommend you include your rates on your public website. This shows that you’re super clear and upfront about your pricing. And if someone questions your rates, you can mention that they’ve always been available on your website!

Plus, including rates on your site will turn away the clients that are not willing to invest in your services. When you’re first starting out it’s tempting to want to work with everyone. But it’s better for you in the long run if you work with people who have the budget to work with you.

7. Ask about their budget.

Before you send over a pricing proposal, ask a client about their budget. This will help you tailor your proposal to work within their means. Simply ask them: “What is your budget for marketing/copy/this website?”

I truly believe that you shouldn’t be afraid to talk about money. Assert yourself by bringing up the budget conversation and being prepared to discuss pricing even if it feels uncomfortable at first.

Content with high-quality copywriting is so crucial to running a successful business these days. Your copy can exponentially grow your client’s audience, sales, bookings, and authority. So it’s extreemely valuable.

I’m telling you this so you can handle sales objections like a pro. But I also want you to fully grasp and internalize how important the work you’re doing is!

Mindset for Handling Sales Objections

When you’re first starting out as a freelance copywriter, handling sales objections sounds soooo scary. You feel pressure to land every client, so you think every sales call needs to go perfectly.

Remember that client prospecting is also about figuring out who YOU want to work with. So if you did your best to explain the benefits of your service and a client is still questioning your prices, it’s okay to turn them down.

I promise you, there are clients out there who want to invest in your services. You just have to find the right prospects and approach them with confidence – which is exactly what you learn in Write Your Way to Freedom. 

My course, Write Your Way to Freedom, shows you how to…

  • Identify your ideal client and find the right clients who are excited to invest.
  • Practice mindset techniques to be confident in the value of your work and your pricing.

To learn more about Write Your Way to Freedom, check out my free online copywriting masterclass: How to Build a Lucrative Writing Career – with No Experience

Let’s get you working with clients who have the budget to work with you. They DO exist and they’re waiting for you to find them!

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