Why a Healthy Money Mindset Is Key to Becoming a Successful Freelancer

Learn how to cultivate a freelance money mindset that attracts wealth and success.

As a freelancer, are you worried about money all the time? 

Maybe you’re always checking your bank account and feel guilty spending your hard-earned cash. 

Even when you have a high-income month, you convince yourself the money won’t be consistent. 

If this sounds like you, it’s time to take a hard look at your money mindset. 

Cultivating a healthy relationship with money is key to your success as a freelancer. When you trust money, you grow faster and save yourself a ton of stress. To start, let’s take a look at your current relationship with money that could be holding you back.

Where Does Your Money Mindset Come From?

Whether you realized it or not, you likely inherited most of your financial beliefs from your parents or other caregiver. As a child, you observed the thoughts and attitudes they shared – or didn’t share – regarding money. 

Let’s say your dad talked about money as if it was scarce. He was always worried about debt and would get anxious making necessary purchases.

Your dad’s money mindset may have led you to believe that money is…

  • Scarce, there’s never enough of it
  • A cause of stress and anxiety
  • Something to fear

These negative thoughts could lead you to not trust money or your ability to earn it. And unfortunately, these beliefs got ingrained in you before you had a chance to decide how you really felt about them. And though it’s not totally your parents’ fault –  because they probably got their beliefs from their own family – you now have the power to change your mindset.

Many of us give money waaay too much power over us. But when you challenge your beliefs, you start to see how they could be holding you back. 

It wasn’t until I took the time to write down my habits that I realized I had some very strange and limiting beliefs about money. 

To understand your own money mindset, write down the beliefs and habits you have around money. Maybe you…

  • Feel guilty spending money. You feel uncomfortable making purchases, even when they’re totally necessary. You especially feel guilty buying things for yourself. I used to never let myself buy new clothes, even when I needed them!
  • Believe money is scarce. No matter how much money you make, you still believe you don’t have enough. You always worry about losing clients, instead of trusting you could replace them.
  • Don’t feel worthy of money. You’ve always seen yourself as someone who struggles with money so you don’t truly believe you’re worthy of wealth. This one’s harder to detect, but affects a lot of us deep down.

Once you write down your habits about money, think about how they affect your actions. Are these thoughts moving you towards the abundant and healthy life that you want? Or are they holding you back and adding stress to your life?

When I shifted my money mindset, wealth started to flow into my life more easily and more often. If you feel resistant to this idea, I totally get it, because I used to be, too! This resistance could be a self-limiting money belief.

I want to empower you to see that money truly is a tool that you have control over – especially as a freelancer who sets their own workload and rates. When you’re ready to earn more money, there is an abundance of potential clients you can find and work with.

Trusting your ability to earn more money helps you make decisions with more confidence and be open to more opportunities. And when you trust that wealth is always available to you, it alleviates a ton of stress from your daily life..

4 Practices to Cultivate a Healthy Money Mindset

Now that you’ve identified your limiting beliefs around money, how can you overcome them? The key is to cultivate new thoughts, attitudes, and conversations surrounding money.

Try these four money mindset exercises:

  1. Gratitude. We’re quick to feel negative and stressed when we’re lacking money. However, we often forget to be deeply grateful for money when we do have it.

Identify one experience or resource that you’re grateful money led you to each day. Over time, this creates a positive relationship with money, instead of seeing it as something bad that leads to stress.

  1. Affirmations. Combat negative beliefs by writing down affirmative statements that oppose them. Repeat these statements to yourself each morning alongside a visualization. You may not think your beliefs are changing right away, but over time, affirmations shift your thought patterns.

For example, if you feel unworthy of money, an affirmation to practice is, “I use the money I make to add value to my life and other people’s lives.” 

*Check out my Youtube video below to borrow the rest of my money mindset affirmations.

  1. Develop an Abundance Mindset. Many of us experience the belief that money is scarce and unavailable to us, but money is truly abundance and accessible in our current world.1

Practice believing that there’s an abundance of money available to you. This makes you more open to opportunities and ways to create wealth in your business.

  1. Use Money for Social Good. I used to believe that I shouldn’t earn more money because it would deprive others of wealth. Now, I realize that the more money I earn, the more I can donate it and bring value into other people’s lives.

    You could donate to a charity, or brighten someone’s day by sending them flowers. No matter how big or small-scale, these actions make a positive impact in other people’s lives.

Cultivating a healthy money mindset doesn’t happen overnight, but it is so worth it. When you heal your relationship with money, you start to attract it into your life. I’ve watched this transformation happen with myself and thousands of my students. 

A money mindset book I recommend is, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. This book teaches you how to cultivate the core values and actions that lead to creating wealth. The author interviewed over 40 millionaires to understand what helped them reach their success.

While money doesn’t exactly buy happiness, it can lead to the security, experiences, and generosity that set you up to create a happy and fulfilled life. 

Master Your Money Mindset

This article only scratches the surface of cultivating a healthy money mindset. Your beliefs about money could be deeply ingrained in you since you’ve been living with them your whole life! So, be kind to yourself and know it may take time and consistent mindset work to shift your beliefs.

For step-by-step guidance on how to analyze and transform your money beliefs, sign up for my course: Master Your Mindset

Master Your Mindset teaches you how to identify limiting beliefs in all areas of life. And it includes an entire section dedicated to cultivating your money mindset.

I walk you through exactly how I shifted my relationship with money, which created more wealth in my business than ever before.

Want to Watch Instead?

View my Youtube video on how to uncover your beliefs and practice a healthy money mindset. Subscribe here for more tips on mastering your mindset and growing your freelance business.


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