9 Best Productivity Tools for Copywriters to Help You Get Organized and Write Better

Try these free tools to stay productive and organized as a freelance copywriter.

You handle a ton of business logistics as a freelance copywriter. Working for yourself is fulfilling and freeing…  But it also means you’re the only one around to handle all the administrative work and keep your projects moving.

If you recently started your freelance copywriting business, you may feel overwhelmed. You want to focus on writing effective copy, but you’re also managing your own invoicing, organizing, project management… the list goes on.

The good news is, there are countless tools and apps for copywriters that help with business logistics like…

  • Client management – invoicing, contracts, and all that jazz.
  • Organization and productivity – staying on track with deadlines and tasks.
  • Effective copywriting – analysis on SEO and writing quality. Yep, there are apps for that.

Adding systems and automation to your process can make your life so much easier as a freelancer. But there are a ton of apps that are meant to make you efficient but actually end up taking up more of your time. 

You know I love to save you time, so I’m sharing the best free copywriting tools I use in my copywriting business. Learn which tools I recommend you use – and which ones to avoid!

Tips for Freelance Business Management

Imagine you’re fully booked with new freelance copywriting work for the month. Having a full schedule feels secure because it’ll be a high-earning month. But you don’t have an efficient process for handling business logistics, so you quickly go from excited to overwhelmed.

You have so many deadlines to keep track of for different clients. You think you’re staying on top of everything, but details start to fall through the cracks

And since you’re working overtime to keep track of the work you do have, you’re not doing any new client outreach. So when the next month rolls around and the current projects end, you don’t have new clients in your pipeline.

Efficient business management is crucial to a successful freelance copywriting business. These processes help you stay organized, look professional, and still have time to add new clients to your waitlist!

There are three key things to remember when setting up your business processes:

1. Find your project management style.

Keeping track of your deliverables and deadlines is crucial. So many freelancers recommend project management (PM) tools – so I used to think I had to use them. 

But the truth is, PM tools actually ended up creating more work for me. Keeping those systems updated was a job in itself! Instead, I’m diligent about putting all my deadlines on Google calendar. Find what works for you that takes the least amount of time and effort.

2. Use simple, professional processes.

Use an onboarding and client management process that’s seamless, easy to follow, and looks professional. This will earn you the reputation of an organized business owner and more than a freelancer.

Again, you don’t need to over-complicate this. Keep reading for my recommended client management software. It makes your life easier and looks professional to clients.

3. Automate as much as possible.

So many processes repeat between clients – like onboarding and offboarding. Automating processes and workflows frees up your time.

For example, many copywriters send new clients a questionnaire to get to know them. Save time by creating one template that gets sent to every client automatically after they sign their invoice.

Minimizing your administrative work frees up time to focus on what you love most: copywriting.

When your business runs like a well-oiled machine, you’ll be more capable of taking on more clients. And once the processes are set up, you can even delegate them to an assistant.

The 9 Best Tools and Apps for Copywriters

Have you ever thought to yourself… “I wish there was a tool for [x]” while working?

Maybe you wish you could…

  • Screenshot the entire length of a page.
  • Talk out loud and have the words get written down.
  • Know exactly how to capitalize a headline.

Let me tell you… if there’s any kind of copywriting tool that you wish for in your business, it’s probably out there. But since there are many options, knowing which ones to choose can be overwhelming. 

I’ve tried pretty much every tool out there. These are the ones that I’ve found most effective in growing my copywriting business:

Client Management

1. Dubsado.

This is a powerful one-stop platform where you can handle all your client processes. From invoicing and contracting, to project management, to offboarding and testimonials. My favorite part? Dubsado is free for your first three clients. So you won’t have to invest in it until you’re earning.

2. Calendly.

Going back and forth with a client for availability can feel like calendar Tetris. This scheduling software syncs with your calendar so clients can book a meeting at a time that works for both of you.

Organization and Productivity

3. Google Docs.

I swear by everything Google Drive. With docs, you can collaborate on the same document with multiple people. This means you can make comments and changes without getting confused on which version of a draft is the right one. Plus, Google Voice has a free dictation tool.

4. Loom.

Use this app to make quick video tutorials for your clients. It’s a simple way to show them something that’s too involved to write over email. If you can accomplish it in a Loom video, you don’t have to set up a whole meeting with them – which saves you time!

5. SelfControl.

Tell the SelfControl app which websites to block during your work time – like Facebook. You may realize that you open these apps out of habit if you’re procrastinating. If you go to open one of those sites, this app won’t allow it.

6. Canva.

As a copywriter, you’re not responsible for your clients’ design work. But sometimes you’ll have simple design needs for your own business – like your LinkedIn banner. Canva is a design website with tons of easy-to-use templates that look professional.

SEO and Copywriting Analysis

7. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer.

This site gives you feedback on your headlines. Use it to test and write click-worthy headlines that hook your readers’ attention. 

8. Ubersuggest.

As an SEO copywriter, you’ll need a trusted SEO keyword planning tool. Ubersuggest is one of the most credible ones out there – and has a free version for when you’re just starting out.1

9. Keywords Everywhere.

This plugin lists the keywords that the website page you’re on ranks for. It’s a quick way to get SEO data, but I recommend you pair your research with a planning tool.

Incorporating SEO into your work is crucial to your success as a copywriter. This makes your copy so much more valuable – which means you can charge more.

If you aren’t incorporating SEO into your writing, you’re leaving money on the table. Never fear! I’ve made a course for that: Make Google Your BFF. This efficient program will teach you the fundamentals of SEO in 3 days or less. This course works for copywriters, content writers, and any small business owner. 

All of these tools save you time, improve your work, and help you come across as a professional business owner. 

But you bring unique strengths to your business. So ultimately, you should pick the tools that fit your work style and make YOU as efficient as possible!

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  1. Ubersuggest: Ubersuggest 7.0: The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool

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