9 Reasons AI Copywriting Tools Can’t Replace Quality Copywriters – Yet

AI copywriting software can’t master emotional storytelling, a vital piece of effective copywriting.

If you’re nervous that AI copywriting tools are soon going to replace you as a copywriter, you’re not alone. AI has been a popular topic in the copywriting industry lately. 

But you don’t need to worry.

The reality of AI replacing effective human writers is further off than it seems. AI can imitate copywriting skills, but it lacks the ability to connect with the audience through shared human experiences. This and other limitations of AI software make it less effective than human writing.

Keep reading to calm your fears and learn how to write copy that AI can’t replicate.

How Does AI Copywriting Work?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is software that mimics the skills of the human mind. Using computer data and research, AI emulates human skills and decision-making.1

For example, a self-driving vehicle uses AI to emulate the decisions of a human driver. It measures the distance between itself and the car ahead and slows down to prevent a collision.

AI copywriting software mimics the techniques of a human copywriter. It generates new work using existing content and language processing tools.4

Most AI copywriting tools follow a similar process. You…

  1. Input the topic of your content
  2. Define the type of copy needed (blog article, social post, etc.)
  3. Set parameters (like length)

Using this information, the tool will search the web for similar content. It uses this pre-existing content to create a new copywriting piece. AI may take a new approach to the topic – but since it creates the piece using existing content, it’s unable to create truly original work.4

So although AI can churn out content fast, the quality of AI content doesn’t compare to effective human pieces. The outcome is repetitive, overly salesy copy. Only human copywriters can take new approaches with fresh insights and emotional storytelling.

AI Copywriting vs. High-Quality Human Writing

While AI can emulate human intelligence, it can’t draw from the human experience. Our brains are rich in life experiences and emotional cues that AI can’t replicate. Using these experiences to connect with the audience is crucial to effective copywriting.

How do I know that AI doesn’t compare to the human brain? I regularly spoke with an executive at one of the leading AI companies to interview him about AI. He is at the forefront of AI development on a global scale. These are some of the limitations of AI that we spoke about.

Copywriting tactics that AI struggles to replicate:

  1. Language. Language is difficult for AI to master because it’s continually changing. We constantly create new trends, phrases, and slang.

    Even the quickest bots need time to learn language variations. And by the time they learn it, the phrase is probably no longer trending!

  2. Emotion. As I said, AI can emulate emotion, but it can’t pull from real-life experiences and empathy. Relating to the audience through shared experiences connects you on a profound level.

    I encourage my copywriting students to choose a writing niche based on what’s important to them. When you do this, your genuine empathy and knowledge of the topics will naturally come through.2

  3. Audience Differentiation. The emotions and experiences you use when writing change depending on your audience. The more specific you get, the more effective the writing is. 

    Human writers can distinguish the exact experiences that differentiate your unique audiences. For example, the way you relate to a working dad could be different than a stay-at-home dad.

  1. Storytelling. Humans are dynamic storytellers that communicate through empathy, experiences, and emotional cues.

    Our intuition is strong and we can tell when content is genuine. I truly believe that savvy readers pick up on this and won’t resonate as closely with AI copywriting.

  2. Unique Voice. Effective copywriters create work for different clients that don’t all sound the same. Each client should have a unique voice that’s packed with personality and character.

    AI doesn’t have the same capability to portray personality – whereas humans can shift their tone and vibe incredibly intuitively.

  1. Humor. AI struggles most to master humor because of its deep complexity and nuance. It doesn’t know how to make sense of common everyday expressions and metaphors. Humor sets your copy apart and connects with your audience on a deeper level.

Other limitations of AI copywriting:

  1. Plagiarism. I wanted to try AI for myself, so I tested a best-in-class AI copywriting tool. And the copy it generated was highly plagiarized. This is probably because AI pulls existing content instead of creating fresh work.

    Plagiarism is a huge red flag in copywriting. Not only does plagiarism harm SEO, it also hurts your credibility if your audience finds duplicate content.

  2. SEO. Although some software generates SEO keywords, it’s not clear if this is a top priority of all AI copywriting tools. Copywriters should do their own research to find keywords targeted to their specific audience.

    Understanding the process behind SEO targeting makes you stand out as a copywriter. It’s how your content grows organic ranking and new leads for your clients.3

  1. Research. High-quality writing involves researching different perspectives, fact-checking, and understanding different opinions.

    Since AI can only refer to existing content, it often doesn’t find a fresh approach to the information.

All these nuances of copywriting mean that AI copywriting doesn’t stand out. It’s possible that AI copywriting software will evolve and get better at emulating human emotion. But as of right now, AI doesn’t create engaging content that’s packed with personality and connection.

Let’s face it, though. Technology is evolving and modernizing rapidly. There’s a chance allll current jobs will get replaced by automation one day.

So I always encourage my students to be forever learners and open to new kinds of work. When you stay flexible and eager to learn, there will always be opportunities for you.

Write Effective Copy That AI Copywriting Can’t Replace

I’m giving you permission to stop worrying that AI copywriting will replace you soon. Put that energy back into your copywriting work. The best way to be irreplaceable is to keep improving your craft.

If you want to master the fundamentals of effective copy, learn about my copywriting course: Write Your Way to Freedom. This course teaches you exactly how to write copy that connects with your audience through emotion, storytelling, and psychological approaches.

To learn more, sign up for my free online copywriting masterclass: How to Build a Lucrative Freelance Copywriting Career.

Join a community of copywriters who are always helping each other improve and evolve!

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