Bet on Yourself

4 Day Fast Start Series

Day 1 - Discover What’s Possible For You

I want to help you figure out what lights you up and gives you more freedom. Because the world needs more empathetic, kind souls like you in a place of power, free from survival mode – and fully thriving.

Day 2 - Cultivate Your Entrepreneur Mindset

As an entrepreneur, you don’t have to give your leftover, post-workday exhausted energy to this growth. You get to choose to prioritize your growth and reap the rewards all around.

Day 3 - Set Your Goals: Bite-Sized to Big Vision

As an entrepreneur, you get to decide what success looks like. Clearly-defined goals give you direction and a baseline to celebrate your future achievements against. And integrating your values into these goals is key to ensuring your success feels authentic and fulfilling.

Day 4 - Market (and Monetize) Your Business

Good marketing is a commitment to building a business that has genuine impact and that cares about people, the planet, and profit. Anyone can create communities, missions, and even whole worlds with marketing.

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For the new or rising copywriter who’s ready to break into entrepreneurship with a highly profitable skill.

For the aspiring or expert course creator who’s ready to reach the next level with an online program.

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This companion workbook is designed to empower you to break free from limiting beliefs, cultivate a successful mindset, and illuminate your distinct path into entrepreneurship.

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The guide to understanding and transforming your beliefs about money. So you can eliminate negative narratives, set your rates with confidence, and attract the highest level of abundance into your life and business.

A guide to creating the practices and a mindset routine to set your goals, cultivate qualities for success – and create the most fulfilling life and business.

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